Competitive Overwatch players panic as OW2 erases ranked season history

overwatch 2 ranks deletedBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players that are proud of their ranked accomplishments are freaking out as OW2 is slowly erasing their ranked history from existence.

Overwatch 2 is finally out and players who have been able to get on have been generally liking the sequel despite concerns that it is too similar to the first game.

Ranked players, on the other hand, have expressed some major criticisms at the new Competitive system with it placing seasoned veterans much lower than their prior SR in original game.

Now, as it turns out, all their past history is being removed from the game, and soon all those past achievements such as reaching a career-high skill tier will be reduced to memory.

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Overwatch 2 slowly deletes ranked history

new overwatch 2 ranked systemBlizzard Entertainment
There have been many issues with Overwatch 2’s ranked so far.

As revealed by Twitch streamer ‘EeveeA,’ only a player’s last 6 ranked seasons is being kept in the game with the rest being deleted.

“From Season S1 of OW1 to Season 30 of OW1, all of that data is gone,” she explained. “Come S7 of OW2, your OW2 S1 data will be gone.”

According to EeveeA, she had the information for a week, but couldn’t say anything at the risk of breaking an NDA.

Expectedly, players are not happy about the decision and blasted Blizzard in the comments for erasing part of their player experience.

“How is it possible to just not care that all our stats are gone just like that? What’s the point then? I haven’t played comp in a long time, so all my old stats are gone forever?” one asked.

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“I don’t understand the reasoning behind this at all,” responded another.

Blizzard has yet to respond to this situation or explained its reasoning behind removing one’s past ranked feats.

It’s not clear if this is something Blizzard can reverse, but for anyone hoping to keep a record of their triumphs, you might want to consider manually recording them from now on.