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Clever Overwatch trick allows you to silence your footsteps

Published: 25/May/2020 9:53

by Connor Bennett


An Overwatch player has uncovered a pretty clever trick that allows players to cover the noise of their footsteps after a jump no matter what hero they’re playing as.

Even though Overwatch has been on the market since 2016, players – be they a rookie or a veteran – are still able to find tips and tricks that give them the upper-hand over an opposing team. 

In recent weeks we’ve seen players find ways to quickly boost their ultimate charge and even a trick that allows Reaper to become an aerial threat rather than just a ground-based sharpshooter. However, a new trick has arrived that might surprise even the most loyal of Overwatch players.


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Overwatch has been around for years, but players are still finding tips and tricks.

The clever tip was pointed out by Mindfreak’s Joshua ‘Bus’ Bussell showing that as soon as a player jumps off a ledge, if they hold their jump button upon landing, their footsteps will pretty much be masked. 

“I thought this was a Hammond only trick but if you hold spacebar after dropping (not jumping) from a high ground your landing is almost silent,” the Aussie professional player tweeted. “I can’t believe I never knew this.”

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Bussell even showcased himself pulling off the trick with a number of heroes, though while they might not make any noise, there are still sound cues in-play for objects – he steps on a metal hatch with Sombra, for example, and that bump can be heard ever so slightly. 


Obviously, while it is pretty clever, the tip might only work out in your favor in situational moments – it’s no good trying to play sneakily when you’re trading blows with enemies. Though, it could start to change the game with teams who draw up tactical roll-outs and want to leave their opponents pretty confused and on edge until they finally make a noise. We’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with.