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Cheeky Overwatch spot makes Widowmaker overpowered on Junkertown

Published: 29/Sep/2020 3:00

by Brad Norton


Junkertown is full of flanking routes and neat hiding spots, though this new discovery for Widowmaker could be the most powerful to date, as the Overwatch hero becomes almost invisible in the first phase.

Learning the layout of each and every map in Overwatch is absolutely vital. If you can outsmart your opponent with expert positioning, it may just win you any given fight. Therefore, it’s essential that you’re on top of the cheeky nuances within each battlefield.

From perfected Doomfist rollouts on Blizzard World, to the more nuanced tricks on King’s Row, there’s always more to learn. Despite Overwatch being in its fourth year, players are still finding fresh tactics with each passing day. 


The latest is an insane discovery on Junkertown that gives Widowmaker a huge advantage. While flashy Grappling Hook shots are always great, this new position keeps the sniper grounded. Here’s how you can gain an upper hand on the first point of Junkertown.

I found this weird angle with my friend. I guess it won’t be very practical though from Overwatch

“I found this weird angle with my friend,” Reddit user ‘Sopperompo’ shared on September 28. While in the midst of a skirmish, the two were battling it out in a classic Widow 1v1. There was nothing on the line save for bragging rights, though the showdown turned out to be incredibly valuable.

Throughout their duel, one player happened upon a brand-new line of sight that could just change how opening fights play out in Junkertown. On top of the high ground perch that most teams defend from, there’s a small surface to keep you safe. A few planks of wood and loose sheets of metal prevent any incoming damage. Though there’s actually a way to shoot through it.


Standing to the far left, you can see tiny gaps in the makeshift structure. As it turns out, a crouching Widowmaker is the perfect height to see through the lower gap. This particular angle lets the sniper peek directly through the enemy spawn without exposing herself to returning damage.

Whether full teams are rushing out for the opening fight, or opposing snipers are using the high ground early on, this powerful spot can have you dealing damage without being hit. From the teammate’s point of view, you can see how Widowmaker is all but invisible from this position.

Overwatch Junkertown
This position to the back right of the spawn room could be a solid way to counter the ‘invisible’ Widowmaker spot.

It’s an extremely powerful tactic that could even be patched out in a future update if it becomes too big an issue. Without a fair angle to return fire, the spot gives defenders a massive advantage.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when you’re next leaving the spawn on Junkertown. Especially if Widowmaker is in the enemy lineup.