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Blizzard Releases Behind the Scenes Video of D.Va’s ‘Shooting Star’ Cinematic

Published: 25/Aug/2018 19:40 Updated: 25/Aug/2018 20:27

by Vincent Genova


A behind the scenes look at the ‘Shooting Star’ cinematic was released by Blizzard, offering a new perspective on D.Va’s short.

‘Shooting Star’ showed off D.Va protecting her home country of Korea from an Omnic attack.

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Ben Dai, who directed the short, and Jake Patton, the editor, spoke over the cinematic, similar to bonus feature commentary tracks in movies.

The pair explained the goal of the ‘Shooting Star’ short.

From the beginning, when we were conceiving the story, Jeff Kaplan came to us and wanted us to tell the story of D.Va that no one else knows about. It’s the other side of D.Va that few people know.

‘Shooting Star’ shows D.Va tinkering on her mech alone, constantly ready for the next Omnic attack, while the media portrays her as a partying, superstar pop idol.


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Dai wanted to note how close the cinematic is to the character models that exist in the game.

We took great care in preserving everything from the game. The models, they are pretty much 1 to 1 to the game models, with higher resolution…. Our sound engineer did a really good job, incorporating game sounds and jazzing it up so it feels like it belongs in that environment.

You can watch the full behind the scenes video below.

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D.Va has enjoyed a popular summer, finally getting her own cinematic and home map. But she also had a brand new Legendary Summer Skin, as well as an Epic one on the way.

Finally, custom D.Va Nikes appeared at the Overwatch Fan Fest.