Amazing Overwatch Sneakers Appeared at the Overwatch Fan Fest

by Vincent Genova


Custom Nike Air Force 1s based on Overwatch heroes were on display at the Overwatch fan fest in South Korea.

Korean designer upboy_custom created the shoes and posted a video on his Instagram showing them off.


Not every hero made the cut, but fan-favorites like D.va, Mercy, 76 and Genji were part of the action.

The sneakers are designed with colorways mostly from a character's base skin and feature icons representing their logos or special abilities.

D.va's shoes received special attention, with multiple logos from her mech as well as a custom Bunny tag featuring on her shoe.


Here are some up close looks at the Nikes, thanks to Twitter user @mercy76_pistol.

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Unfortunately, the sneakers will not be coming to a store near you as they are one of a kind creations from upboy.

He offered a peak behind the curtain at his process in creating the Overwatch Air Force 1s, which involved a lot of paint.

The other big news to come out of the Overwatch Fan Fest in South Korea was a new animated short called "Shooting Star," featuring D.va.