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Bizarre Overwatch glitch lets players hear enemy communication wheel

Published: 18/Jun/2020 23:48 Updated: 18/Jun/2020 23:50

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch bug has been discovered that lets players hear what their enemies are saying with the communication wheel, leading to some potentially hilarious results.

Overwatch’s communication wheel is a way for players without a microphone to alert their teammates about important things in-game, such as Ultimate charge, grouping up and requesting healing.

It also just recently received a major upgrade with a slew of new options available to players. For instance, they can now ask for help, tell their teammates to “fall back” and even apologize.


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Now, it seems like several of the new options can be heard by both teammates and the enemy team.

Team Ireland General Manager Andy Bohan took to Twitter to reveal that players on the enemy team can hear you say: Hello, thanks, you are welcome, yes, no, goodbye and sorry.

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Luckily, important information such as relaying your Ultimate charge status doesn’t seem to be affected, so the enemy won’t know if your next Ultimate is on deck by listening carefully to you.

However, it can absolutely make for some meme-worthy interactions to completely befuddle your foes and tilt them off the planet.


In the video Andy provided, the Roadhog player is able to hear a Mei say, “I’m so sorry” as she freezes him, and then sarcastically comment, “Goodbye” once the Hog is eliminated.

Mei freezes while faces foes on Volskaya
Blizzard Entertainment
Mei players can really tilt their opponents with this bug.

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The ability for opponents to hear certain voice lines wasn’t included in the recent June 16 patch notes, so it’s unclear if this was an intentional secret change by Blizzard or a bug. At the time of this posting it’s not on the “known issues” list on the official forums.

Nonetheless, it’s definitely something that you can take advantage of to try to throw your opponents off and frustrate them with sarcastic voice lines.