Bizarre Overwatch bug makes D.Va completely useless after remeching

D.Va BusanBlizzard Entertainment

It seems like every Overwatch patch brings about a new set of bugs and glitches, but this glitch causing D.Va to become completely stuck and useless for her team is definitely one of the most annoying.

Being able to help your team by using Defense Matrix to eat up enemy abilities while chasing down kills is all part of the fun of playing as the off tank, but an awful bug can prevent players from being able to do so.

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Worst of all, it seems to be connected to D.Va’s Remech ultimate that has been terrorizing the player base ever since it was buffed to the moon a few patches ago.

With D.Va doing 250 damage to enemies by calling down her mech, Baby D.Va has become one of the deadliest heroes in the game, with players trying desperately to confirm frags with the ability’s newfound power.

overwatch dva call mech damamge titanfallBlizzard Entertainment
D.Va mains aren’t liking this bug very much.

All that strength seems to have a downside, however, as shown by Redditor exodore. After using D.Va’s Self-Destruct ultimate on Oasis City Center to confirm a couple of kills, the pilot ran into the gazebo in the middle of the point.

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Just as he did, an enemy Sigma activated Gravitic Flux and lifted the Baby D.Va into the air. Sensing it was better to merely survive and not try for a kill, exodore used Call Mech while being lifted – and things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Somehow, the player ended up getting stuck in the middle of the map on a lamp of some sort, and was completely unable to drop down even after trying to boost.

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You might be thinking: “Well, at least the enemy team will have to kill the D.Va to ever get back control of the objective!” but that’s where you’re wrong. It gets worse. According to exodore, for some reason, the enemy squad was able to capture the point despite him being stuck on it.

“My team couldn’t win 5v6, but at least they had a good laugh about it,” the Redditor said in a comment.

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On one hand, it’s interesting that the enemy team was smart enough to not kill exodore and understood that leaving him there gave them an edge. On the other, it’s definitely not the best sportsmanship we’ve ever seen.

Luckily, this bug and whole situation does seem to be quite specific, and if you know how to avoid it, you should be fine – but it’s something that the devs should definitely look at fixing for the next patch.

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