Bastion’s new Halloween Terror emote might be the best in Overwatch yet

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

Skins aren’t the only amazing new cosmetic item to have arrived with Overwatch’s new Halloween Terror in-game event.

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The new skins are always a highlight of Overwatch in-game events, and Halloween Terror has a history of delivering particularly popular options.

Skins aren’t the only cosmetic items on offer, however – new events also introduce emotes, highlight intros, and victory poses, although these typically get less attention.

This year, however, one new emote stands out from the pack. Bastion’s new “Zombie” emote, as the name suggests, sees the hero take on a zombie form and shuffle forward with a classic zombie walk.

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Bastion does an eerily convincing zombie impression for an omnic that isn’t entirely humanoid, complete with a dragging leg and raised arm as he reaches for potential victims.

via Gfycat

Bastion isn’t the only one acting out the undead walk, though. His avian companion, Ganymede, also plays zombie, after falling to the ground as if dead when the emote begins. With Ganymede taking smaller steps, however, he’ll occasionally fly forward a little to keep up.

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via Gfycat

The Halloween Terror event lasts until October 31, after which all of the related cosmetics will be locked until next year. The Bastion Zombie emote is available in Halloween loot crates if you’re lucky enough, or by purchase for 750 credits – making it almost as dear as most Legendary skins, but certainly worth it for Bastion players.