Here’s how Baptiste is breathing life into Overwatch’s Bunker comp

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s newest hero Baptiste could be the character that finally makes the so-called “Bunker” team composition as infamous as GOATS.

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A new video from Overwatch YouTuber Crimson Sleeper takes an in-depth look at the history of the Bunker comp and why it could become more popular than ever with the introduction of Baptiste.

What is the Bunker comp?

Bunker has been around since Orisa was introduced and it’s original form had Orisa, Roadhog along with either a Pharah or Junkrat and a “hard” DPS, like Bastion, Soldier or Widow. As far a supports went, the original lineup relied on Mercy for main healing and Zenyatta for the Discord Orbs.

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“Bunker comp originated with Orisa’s addition to the game and was developmentally supposed to rival the playstyles of Deathball and Dive,” Crimson explained in the video. “But typically was viewed as weaker than the established compositions due to having little lethality after being uprooted.”

Until the introduction of Baptiste, Bunker existed as a niche composition that was still used in certain defensive situations on certain maps, but never saw as widespread use as say Dive or GOATS.

It’s Baptiste’s Immortality Field that’s they key to unlocking Bunker’s true potential as a defensive team comp, Crimson Sleeper claims.

Before Immortality Field, one of Bunker’s main weaknesses was that it could be attacked from many different angles while being stationary, “giving a Tracer with a Pulse Bomb more than enough ability to ruin the entire team’s day” as Crimson put it.

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How does Baptiste make Bunker better?

Immortality Field gives Bunker the “space to breathe it desperately needed,” Crimson explained, because it prevents the comp from being rolled over by more mobile ones.

CrimsonSleeper goes into much more detail about the modern Bunker comp featuring Baptiste further into the video and also suggests that it could become a much more common sight with the new hero.

Overwatch League teams have certainly been running more of the composition since Baptiste was introduced at the beginning of Stage 2, so it will be interesting to watch and see if the strategy continues to catch on at the pro level.