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Cosplay • Apr 09, 2019

Overwatch fan’s Brigitte cosplay even includes her dance emote

Overwatch fan’s Brigitte cosplay even includes her dance emote
Blizzard Entertainment

It’s no secret Overwatch fans love their cosplays, but one fan took their Brigitte costume to the next level with the character’s anniversary dance.


Brigitte is one of those heroes that Overwatch players love, or love to hate, but either way she’s here to stay and has inspired plenty of fan art since her release.

There have been plenty of Brigitte cosplays and Reddit user essielessie’s certainly looks great, but the addition of Brigitte’s dance emote puts this one over the top.


Brigitte’s dance emote is available during the Overwatch Anniversary event, and is based on a dance from a Spanish women’s handball team.

Essie didn’t say how long it took to make the cosplay, but it only took them about 30 minutes to get the dance down.

Creating the cosplay

Brigitte’s armor definitely provides a challenge for cosplayers, and essie said they used EVA foam to make it, but didn’t say how long it took them.

The building process for the costume is documented on essie’s Instagram. It certainly seems like it took plenty of time and effort to make the incredible design come to life.



Are new Brigitte skins on the horizon?

Ahead of Overwatch’s Storm Rising Archives event, some fans are wondering whether or not Brigitte will get a new skin, but as of writing Blizzard hasn’t revealed any of the skins for the event yet.

Even if she doesn’t get any new designs, she’s sure to get some new cosmetics in the event that begins on April 16.

Essi also recently finished a great-looking Mercy cosplay, so 2019 will probably see many more great creations from the cosplayer.

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