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An Overwatch player flipped the game’s maps and it’s bizarre

Published: 28/Dec/2018 10:52 Updated: 28/Dec/2018 10:59

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player flipped the game’s maps horizontally and the effect is quite unsettling.

Anyone who’s spent a lot of time playing a game like Overwatch will know the feeling of being intimately familiar with a map. After enough iterations of playing in the same arena, moving through them becomes instinctive, needing no active consideration.

Overwatch streamer SINotFound decided, however, to see what it would be like if the maps were just a little bit different, by flipping them horizontally. The effect was far more uncomfortable than you might imagine.

Though a direct horizontal flip technically just means that everything goes in the opposite direction – right turns become left turns and vice versa, but the layout is otherwise the same – the result is especially disorientating.


The mixture of familiarity and novelty creates more confusion than simply looking at a new map would, as Overwatch players will find their instincts contrary to what they’re seeing.

SINotFound spent some time looking through each of the maps in “flipped” mode, and they’re all just as confusing.

After seeing just how bizarre the reversed maps look, some fans have called for Blizzard to implement something like this as an April Fools joke sometime in the future. Blizzard certainly have a history of engaging in April Fools, although this seems perhaps a little too far to hope for.