An Overwatch 2 voice actor now co-owns a professional Overwatch 2 team

Eleni Thomas

A European Overwatch 2 team has revealed its new co-owner, a name fans will recognize as being the voice actor of a popular in-game hero.

The Overwatch 2 esports scene has been struggling to reach the heights it once saw when the original game first launched. 

At the end of 2023, Dexerto reported that the Overwatch League had officially folded, with developer Blizzard looking to revamp competitive play moving forward.

As such, organizations have been reworking and changing course in recent months, with one European team announcing that their new co-founder will be someone very close to the franchise.

On social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Ex Oblivione revealed that its new co-owner is none other than the official voice of in-game hero Brigette. Voice actor Matilda Smedius will be taking over as the new boss of the company.

Smedius revealed in the announcement video that she is excited about the new role and looks forward to learning more about a new side of the Overwatch world.

“I’m very excited to experience what it’s like to be on a completely different side of the game. I’m going into this ownership with people I trust a lot and people that I feel confident in joining a leadership role with because I know we share the same values and that’s very important to me.”

Ex Oblivione is a European organization most known for its Overwatch roster that competed in various Contenders tournaments. The team managed to win several splits and performed well in others. 

As well as confirming a new co-owner, Ex Oblivione announced that it aims to compete in the upcoming EMEA segment of the Overwatch Champions Series. The fresh new global tournament series created by Activision Blizzard and ESL FACEIT Group that replaces the defunct Overwatch League.