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All New Overwatch Skins Available in the Summer Games 2018

Published: 10/Aug/2018 1:05 Updated: 10/Aug/2018 1:06

by Joe O'Brien


The 2018 edition of Overwatch’s Summer Games in-game event has arrived.

The Summer Games was the very first event after the release of Overwatch in May 2016, originally celebrating the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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The event’s unique brawl, Lúcioball, is back for the duration of the Summer Games, with a new arena and a ranked competitive playlist.

For many players, however, the biggest attraction of a new event is the new skins that will be on offer. The Summer Games offers a selection of both sports- and summer-themed skins, all of which are now available in-game.

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All of the new skins can be seen below:

Legendary Skins

Waverider D.Va

Blizzard Entertainment

Catcher Winston

Blizzard Entertainment

Lacrosse Roadhog

Blizzard Entertainment

Gridironhardt Reinhardt

Blizzard Entertainment

Cabana Ana

Blizzard Entertainment

Fastball Zenyatta

Blizzard Entertainment

Epic Skins

Mexicana Sombra

Blizzard Entertainment

Tre Kronor

Blizzard Entertainment

Ereannach Moira

Blizzard Entertainment

In addition to the new skins, those released with previous editions of the Summer Games will be available once again, either in Summer Games loot boxes or purchasable by credits.