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Overwatch: Improve your Widowmaker aim with useful Workshop mode

Published: 19/Aug/2019 11:15 Updated: 19/Aug/2019 11:53

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch Workshop mode helps you improve your Widowmaker play by showing you exactly where the target’s hitbox is.

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Overwatch is well-known for its sometimes misleading hitboxes, with the character models not always lining up perfectly with the areas that will actually count as a hit.

While this is something that players on all heroes could benefit from being aware of, it’s particularly key for Widowmaker, who requires the greatest precision in the game due to her hitscan nature, reliance on hitting headshots, and the cost of missing thanks to the charge time for her sniper.


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To help Widowmaker players learn exactly where they need to land their shots, jimez86 has created a Workshop mode that visualizes the target’s hitboxes by placing a small dot where a shot landed, color-coded for body and headshots.

While players will obviously still need to be able to hit the target, the hitbox visualization mode should help Widowmaker players get a better understanding of exactly what areas of each hero they can and can’t hit, and where the headshot box is.

Those who wish to use this mode can do so with the share code KZPBV. Shots need to be charged to 100% then double-clicked for the visualizer to be completely accurate.


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The Overwatch Workshop gives players a huge amount of control to create their own custom modes, not only allowing for some very creative and fun games, but also enabling the development of practice tools for training various aspects of the game.

While some practice modes – such as the ever-popular aim trainers – offer more general practice, many are targeted to specific heroes, such as modes for practicing with Ana’s sleep darts or a variety of thrown projectiles in Darwin’s Nade Tool.

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Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop has been enormously popular with Overwatch players.

The last several months have seen a surge of new content and tools for Overwatch players, with not only the introduction of the Workshop, but also a replays system, role queue, and the usual new heroes and in-game events.


There could well be more to come as well, with game director Jeff Kaplan having hinted that another announcement was due towards the end of Summer, and BlizzCon – which takes place November 1-3, always offering new content of some kind.