Addison Rae’s family are clout chasing and it’s getting embarrassing

addison rae and monty lopezMonty Lopez, Instagram

TikTok star Addison Rae has been caught in the middle of a social media family storm for over a month now, after a very public breakup between father Monty Lopez and mother Sheri Easterling. The worst part is that the entire thing was entirely avoidable.

From the outside looking in, nobody can begin to pretend they know the whole story here. When a marriage comes to an end, it’s never easy for those who have to pick up the pieces – children involved, money, and in this case, clout.

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Sheri is posting frantically, telling the world she’s terrified of Monty one minute, and the next she’s talking about being in floods of tears. Clearly, this is a terrible and emotional situation.

Monty Lopez drama explained

It all started when Monty Lopez was alleged to have cheated on Sheri, with a video circling the internet showing him flirting with two younger women. That brought the conversation into the public domain and it’s been a growing fire ever since.

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Since that time, he’s called out rapper Yung Gravy for saying he’s going to date Sheri, challenging him to a boxing match with what is the cringiest TikTok clip you have ever seen from a man over 40 years of age.

Aside from that, Monty also started a war with Tana Mongeau by discussing her body count – who has over 5 million fans on Instagram and a further 7 million on TikTok. More importantly than her social media presence, she had some pretty rough tea to spill on him, saying the allegations leveled at him were “just the tip of the iceberg.”

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Every time she responds, it’s millions and millions of more eyes on this family at the worst possible time.

Addison Rae’s mom pokes the fire

Sheri has also been making headlines, too, posting underneath Addison’s Instagram photos and other accounts, stating she’s heartbroken by her daughter’s decision to unfollow her.

In a series of tweets, Sheri said: “Parents endure so much pain. Especially when they’ve only ever wanted good for their children. Sending love to any and all moms who struggle…. Cried my heart out to you and that’s what I get?”

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sheri heartwrenching comment tiktok copyTikTok: sherinicole / Instagram: tiktokroomtm
Sheri said being unfollowed by Addison Rae was “heart-wrenching” on August 8.

Now, we don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors, but at every turn, instead of putting out these family fires, Monty and Sheri just pour more oil all over them. Not in a private Whatsapp chat, either – on timelines with millions of watching eyes.

Monty Lopez & Sheri Nicole are cashing in

In the process, thousands of new followers are trickling in.

According to Social Blade, in the last 30 days, Monty Lopez has attracted over 100,000 new TikTok followers, taking his total to 5.3 million-plus. Sheri Nicole has jumped up 300,000 followers, as well.

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Both were experiencing a significant stagnation of new users following their accounts before this kicked off. Google Trends data also shows they are now more popular search terms than ever.

Google Trends
Google Trends shows both Sheri Nicole and Monty Lopez are rapidly rising search terms amid this family drama.

As the family cashes in on the popularity of the drama, they seem to be forgetting who made them famous in the first place… Their daughter, Addison Rae.

Addison Rae distances herself from family drama

The 21-year-old hasn’t commented publicly on the matter. She has thanked her fanbase a few times for sticking by her during the tough times, though.

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On August 11, she tweeted: “Thankful for people who support me (and even the ones who don’t) for being kind to others. What goes around comes around, so be kind.”

We now know she has also rejected the opportunity to appear on the BFF Podcast to discuss it with Dave Portnoy.

In the episode below, they do say Monty Lopez is interested in appearing… I’m sure that will really settle things down.

This neverending online beef between the family (and now other popular influencers) is piling on the pressure and scrutiny. Based on the fact Addison’s unfollowed her parents and has not commented on the rumors about her father, it appears to be a clear message that she wants the spectacle to end.

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The constant questions, the public allegations, and the emotions poured onto the timeline by her mother are ruining what was a squeaky clean brand for the TikToker-turned-actor. It didn’t need to be this way, either. Hence, this looks like a classic case of clout chasing.

If they stopped chasing headlines, boxing matches, and followers to just settle this matter sensibly, away from the public eye, it would be much easier for everyone. Conversely, it looks like we’re in for another month or two of total, non-stop nonsense.

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You wonder how long it can go on before they reach a point and decide to put their daughter first. She made them mainstream celebrities, after all. Perhaps the fear of the family breakup is pushing them into a panic of keeping their own brands alive when it inevitably falls apart.

Regardless, after the circus of tears, unfollowings, and the embarrassing clout chasing, it is time to bring this woeful chapter of drama to an end.

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