NHL 24 players flame “out of touch” devs for adding Battle Pass

McKinnon in NHL 24EA Sports

NHL 24 community members questioned the need for a Battle Pass in a game they already need to purchase.

Battle Royale games changed the perplexion of free-to-play titles by adopting a Battle Pass monetization system. In the absence of a full price tag, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other similar games capitalized on selling cosmetic items. Players pay for a tiered season pass and earn awards based on playtime and completing specific challenges.

EA and 2K took note of the feature’s success and decided to implement it in their sports titles. Madden and FIFA already have their own iteration of a season pass, and NBA 2K24 adds it for the first time. However, NBA 2K24 players argued a battle pass should not be in a non-free-to-play title.

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NHL 24 players shared a similar sentiment when the devs confirmed a Battle Pass for the upcoming hockey game.

Matthew Tkachuk in NHL 24Electronic Arts
This is the first time an NHL game will have a Battle Pass.

NHL 24 players disappointed over microtransactions addition

On August 21, EA announced a list of new features coming to World of Chel, highlighted by a new playoff system, cross-play, casual mode, new customization options, and a Battle Pass.

NHL 24 Creative Director Mike Inglehart claimed in the reveal trailer: “The community spoke, and we listened. We replaced the hockey bag mechanic and implemented new ways for you to earn entirely what you want.”

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The Battle Pass features 75 tiers each season and a free or premium option. All players get free access to the premium tier in Season 1, and awards include items such as player vanity, classes, celebrations, banners, and gear.

Inglehart assured fans that any “gameplay-specific unlocks” will always be available in the free tier. Despite that, community members still questioned the decision.

One player responded: “There’s absolutely no way you thought adding microtransactions in EASHL was a good idea.”

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A second user added: “Battle Pass? You are so out of touch with your player base.”

And a third community member mockingly asked: “So your big addition was ways to make money off of us?”

It remains to be seen how much the Battle Pass will cost. All will be revealed when NHL 24 hits shelves on October 6.

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