Kevin Durant trade theory emerges after Knicks admission

Matthew Legros
Kevin Durant on the floor for the Phoenix Suns.

Kevin Durant verified that his agent Rich Kleiman tried to push him to join the New York Knicks in 2019, causing an intriguing mock trade to spring up in the aftermath of his viral comments.

The NBA world was zeroed-in on the potential for Kevin Durant to join the Knicks during his 2019 free agency, and that same zeal is back after his tell-all interview on Boardroom.

Durant’s agent, Rich Kleiman, lit a match when he asked the Phoenix Suns All-Star to validate his push to have him join the Knicks at the time. Durant didn’t deny it, setting that flame ablaze in a wave of interactions from the media and fans alike.

A mock trade involving the Suns and Knicks even emanated following the interview, which theorized a way for New York to make up for their failed recruitment.

Knicks unload picks in Kevin Durant mock trade

The team over at ClutchPoints envisioned a mutually beneficial trade scenario where the Knicks could reel in Durant.

The main argument for the Suns lies with their empty draft stock for the next eight years and the Knicks’ wealth of first and second-rounders in the next three years alone.

While the Suns’ big three of Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal nearly broke the Internet once they first formed this past summer, the trio aren’t viewed as a lock to make the finals in a tight Western Conference.

Meanwhile, the Knicks have craved a superstar for the last two years. Should the Suns fail to win it all this June, a precedent would be set for this mock trade to be a theoretical win for all parties involved.

Durant, 35, looks like he could still play at a high level for several years. The big question is whether the 2024 All-Star wants to or not, and especially in the Big Apple.

NBA enthusiasts chipped in on X/Twitter about the Knicks’ perfect world prospects, even with them being a current shot-in-the-dark.

No matter his age or the surrounding circumstances, the consensus is that any rumblings the Knicks may even catch wind of regarding the potential to acquire Durant should be met with haste.

It doesn’t hurt the Suns in the long run either, though they may want to enjoy their powerhouse trio for a while.

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