NBA 2K23 poll shows MyCareer’s Team Takeover splits fans down the middle

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Gameplay Director Mike Wang recently posted a Twitter poll, asking NBA 2K23 players their opinion on the Team Takeover feature in MyCareer. Thus far, fans seem divided.

Team Takeover in 2K23 works similarly to its function in 2K22. MyCareer players who practice teamwork and good ball movement will build up the Takeover meter over time.

One noteworthy difference between the two iterations is that 2K22 required users to manually activate Team Takeover. The latest version of the basketball sim automatically fires up the ability.

The results are the same, though. With Team Takeover activated, all team members will receive buffs. Charging up the feature also allows players to control everyone on their squad for a limited time, not just the MyPlayer character.

NBA 2K23 players divided over Team Takeover gameplay options

Earlier this week, Gameplay Director Mike Wang took to Twitter with a simple question. Do players prefer to control the whole team during Team Takeover, or would they rather remain locked to their MyPlayer creation?

Wang posed the question with a Twitter poll, which will close on Friday, September 16. Thus far, the results split in favor of the “YES, keep Team Control.”

49.9 percent of people have voted “YES,” as of writing, with 41.2 percent choosing “NO, stay locked on MP.” The remaining voters chose the “No opinion” option.

The replies to the Gameplay Director’s tweet somewhat reflect the results of the poll. People such as iPodKingCarter prefer team control but wish it remained active for a longer period of time.

Meanwhile, players like Lele 2k23 and Mike Marvaez would rather the game leave the option up to individuals.

But how Mike Wang and the rest of the team plan on addressing the poll results presently remains to be seen.

NBA 2K23 is in stores now for PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox platforms.