NBA 2K23 players roast romance options in MyCareer: “Just wanna hoop”

Brianna Reeves
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Many players are unhappy with the girlfriend story in NBA 2K23’s MyCareer mode, especially since most just want to play basketball.

2K Games and developer Visual Concepts expanded MyCareer for NBA 2K23 in a few noteworthy ways. For one, the companies brought in rapper J. Cole for what Visual Concepts described as the most in-depth career mode to date.

But while the story packs a little more weight, some features took to the sidelines for this year’s edition. The mode picks up right as the player-made character joins an NBA team, meaning draft-related content didn’t make the cut.

Other facets of the new and improved experience have left players feeling down about the latest iteration of MyCareer, too.

NBA 2K23 players aren’t fans of MyCareer’s girlfriend storyline

Reddit user Jared524 recently shared a screenshot of an objective they must complete for the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K23. The message tells the player about a date they must attend with their girlfriend, Milia, at City View Restaurant.

Jared524’s caption on the post makes it clear he isn’t too thrilled about being forced to juggle an in-game romance. “I just wanna hoop, man,” he wrote.

Others chimed in to say they, too, dislike the relationship drama. “Spoiler alert: you have to watch a virtual couple argue at dinner to play an NBA game,” wrote grizfan01.

Several players added that they skip the girlfriend-centric cutscenes in NBA 2K23, with Redditor GoldieMickens noting that REC has taken up more of their time, thus far.

The 2,000-plus upvotes on the original post from Jared524 suggest a number of other NBA 2K faithful aren’t enjoying the quests in MyCareer, either. The jury’s out on whether or not opinions will change as time goes on.

NBA 2K23 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.