NBA 2K22 player goes viral as game denies trade that actually happened

Lawrence Scotti
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An NBA 2K22 player drew attention on social media over his failed attempt to recreate a real trade that happened in the NBA.

NBA 2K developers Visual Concepts have continually implemented improvements and tweaks to the game’s MyNBA mode over the years.

The mode has become popular for its in-depth features which deliver on the fantasy of being an actual General Manager of a pro-basketball team.

However, when a 2K player tried to execute a real trade that happened between two teams in-game, something went wrong.

LeBron James in NBA 2k22
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NBA 2K22 was released on September 9, 2021.

NBA 2K22 can’t recreate real trade

On January 13, the New York Knicks announced they acquired Cam Reddish via a trade with the Atlanta Hawks.

One Knicks fan, excited about the deal, took to NBA 2K22 to make the trade a reality and try Reddish out on the Knicks.

He ran into one problem: The Hawks wouldn’t let him finalize the deal, as apparently, it was too lopsided in the Knicks favor.

The Hawk’s General Manager in-game denied the trade and said, “You’re asking me to give away a valuable asset (Cameron Reddish) when none of the assets I get back seem nearly as valuable. That’s not happening.”

Julito McCullum took the failed trade as a compliment to how well the Knicks managed to get the deal done IRL, “I can’t even do the trade on NBA 2k lmaoooo talk about a robbery!”

One 2K fan in the replies of the tweet pointed out how this could potentially be because of how restrictive NBA 2K is of facilitating any trades at all, “Facts, but that’s one of the biggest issues in 2k with other game modes especially GM mode. You can’t trade for ANYTHING.”

According to NBA 2K22’s MyNBA logic, the Knicks seem to have come out of this deal as the winners.