NBA 2K22 Season 4 update – full patch notes

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NBA 2K22 has revealed the theme and plenty of information about Season 4, Hunt 4 Glory. Here’s everything we know so far.

Season 3 of NBA 2K22 is about to come to a close, with the game’s fourth season on the way soon.

While Season 2 took us through different empires throughout the sport’s history, with an emphasis on Michael Jordan, the third season focused more on the icy chill of Winter.

But, the game now turns to a couple of basketball’s past stars, Dwayne Wade and Candace Parker, to headline its fourth season that they’re calling Hunt 4 Glory.

NBA 2K22 Season 4 start date

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Season 3 brought us Crocs in the Winter, so who knows what Season 4 will bring!

According to January 11 patch notes, Season 4 will be starting on January 14, 2022.

We do not yet know what time of day the update will come at, or how large of an update it will be, but we can get excited about this Friday’s new content which will bring all-new cards to MyTeam and a new look to many of MyCareer’s features.

2K confirmed as much in a January 12 courtside report, which revealed the season’s theme and a lot of what players can expect from Hunt 4 Glory.

NBA 2K22 Season 4 full patch notes

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Curry and the Warriors have been on a glorious run in 2022, exemplifying the inner beast of Season 4.

As the January 11 patch notes alluded to, this season’s theme is Hunt 4 Glory, with an emphasis on Dwayne Wade, Candace Parker, and players unlocking their inner beast.

In celebration of the Year of the Tiger, 2K is making some big changes to MyCareer and MyTeam. The full blog can be seen on the courtside report, but a more condensed breakdown can be seen below.

Major updates:

  • Affiliation courts redesigned
  • Travel via vehicle made easier in MyCareer
  • New jump shot and cosmetic unlocks for MyCareer
  • Galaxy Opal DeMar DeRozan, Coach Candace Parker, Galaxy Opal Yao Ming, and several others in MyTeam
  • New Heat Check players in MyTeam
  • The W online upgrades
  • New Warner Records music added to the soundtrack

There may be additional notes released at the start of the season, but for now, this is all the information we have available on what Hunt 4 Glory will bring to 2K22.

While we await the start of Season 4 and any additional news, make sure to check out the brand-new patch notes that just dropped and stay tuned to Dexerto for more NBA 2K news and updates.