John Cena joins OnlyFans — but not for the reason you think

Declan Mclaughlin
John Cena on a Fast and Furious poster

Wrestler and star actor John Cena has joined OnlyFans as internet sleuths have found an official account with a photo of him under a different name.

John Cena is a true entertainer as the actor and professional wrestler has appeared across social media at various influencer events and podcasts, on top of promoting his films, projects, and commercials.

The actor, however, has seemingly launched into a new entertainment vertical as he promoted what seems to be an OnlyFans account across his social media. The account does have Cena’s face as the profile photo, but it isn’t registered under his name. The account doesn’t seem to be a fabrication, as it’s also verified by the platform.

While this might lead some to think that the actor is opening up a new spicy form of revenue for himself, the account is more about promoting another venture.

John Cena’s OnlyFans account is under Ricky Stanicky

The adult platform account is registered as Ricky Stanicky, which is the title of Cena’s upcoming comedy movie project with Zac Effron releasing this year.

The movie’s premise revolves around Zac Effron’s character hiring a stripper, John Cena’s character, to play his made-up friend Rick Stanicky. The account registered under the Stanicky name seems to be some kind of marketing stunt for the movie, which is set for an early March release date.

The OnlyFans profile features John Cena’s face.

Cena has also posted on social media about the account, telling fans it’s “like you’ve never seen me before. Subscribe at the link in the bio.”

The Rick Stanicky account is, in fact, linked at the top of his X/Twitter account. The account has already posted two videos that are four and two seconds long captioned: “Anyone want to hit this one more time?” And “how deep can it go?”

So far fans have mostly been shocked by the direct promotion of the OnlyFans account, with few understanding its connection to his upcoming movie.

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