New MultiVersus stage seemingly teased as Rick enters the world of Steven Universe

MultiVersus gameplayWarner Bros. Games

The next MultiVersus stage may have just been teased by the developers on Twitter, as new artwork shows Rick stepping through a portal into the world of Steven Universe alongside Garnet. Only, this new location is yet to appear in the game.

When MultiVersus launched in full on July 19, it did so with seven distinct maps (stages) in total. From the Batcave to Scooby’s Haunted Mansion, most of these stages took after iconic locations from the Warner Bros. catalog, as you would expect.

Since launch, we’ve seen sizeable content drops, major balance updates, and a number of new heroes all make an impact. Though we’re yet to see another stage join the game’s rotation. But if an October 3 teaser is anything to go by, that could finally be changing in the very near future.

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A new piece of artwork made the rounds on official MultiVersus social channels, showcasing Rick from Rick and Morty without his grandson in the picture. Instead, it was Garnet from Steven Universe accompanying Rick, as the two stepped through a portal into uncharted territory.

While the image is intentionally cropped, as to only give a subtle hint of their whereabouts, it appears to be none other than Pink Diamond’s garden from Steven Universe. Bright pink pillars can be seen on either side, with branches wrapping around and pink flowers budding throughout.

For Rick and Garnet to be shown in this particular area surely raises eyebrows. After all, we’re yet to see this garden in MultiVersus, nor have the devs ever mentioned it prior. So given this intial look, we very well might be staring at the next stage coming to the popular fighting game soon.

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Now obviously, until things are confirmed, we don’t know anything for certain. This could purely end up being nothing more than some artwork without a second thought put into the background. But given how the MultiVersus crew loves to tease its community with nearby content, it’s a safe bet Steven Universe is getting another stage in the game.

As for when another stage may arrive in MultiVersus, it’s anyone’s guess for now. But with Season 1 now nearing its halfway point, the launch of Season 2 later this year could be a safe bet. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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