MultiVersus fans convinced Mark Hamil is voicing The Joker in datamined fighter leak

The Joker in multiversusWarner Bros

A new leak has MultiVersus players convinced that Mark Hamil is returning to voice The Joker in the hit platform fighting game.

MultiVersus is still in its infancy, but the game has grown to be a true competitor to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros for the top platform fighting game in the world.

A large part of MultiVersus’s success has stemmed from its cast of characters that includes the likes of Rick and Morty, LeBron James, Batman, SuperMan, and way more on the way.

Now, a recent datamine leak seems to indicate that The Joker will be joining the game soon and he could be voiced by none other than Mark Hamil himself.

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MultiVersus leak suggests The Joker will be next fighter

In a post on Twitter, dataminer Susie revealed that the latest update included voice lines for The Joker in addition to a special announcer park.

Right away fans began speculating who would be voicing the clown prince of crime with many hoping that Mark Hamil had returned to his iconic role.

MultiVersus did manage to get Kevin Conroy to return as Batman, so The Joker isn’t exactly a stretch, especially given how frequently Hamil has voice the character over the years.

According to Susie, while they couldn’t tell with utmost certainty, the voice, “does sound like Mark Hamil’s Joker” further adding fuel to the fire.

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“Mark Hamill is, like, one of the most prolific VOs for The Joker ever. If it is him, this is very, very good,” one user remarked.

“It is,” replied fellow dataminer ‘LaisulMV’ who posted some of the voice work on their own account.

As you can hear in the video, whoever is voicing The Joker certainly sounds quite a bit like Mark Hamil, but it’s also possible that whoever it is was trying to replicate it. In any case, we hopefully won’t have much longer to wait to find out for sure.