Monster Hunter Now players want Niantic to copy key Pokemon Go feature

James Busby
Monster Hunter hunters all lined up togetherNiantic/Capcom

Monster Hunter Now is Niantic’s latest game and allows players to team up and hunt deadly beasts in the real world. However, the community wants the developers to add one important Pokmon Go feature to the game. 

Monster Hunter Now and Pokemon Go may be polar opposites when it comes to core gameplay, with one enabling players to hunt monsters as opposed to collecting them. However, just like PoGo, Monster Hunter Now utilizes location-based gameplay and real-world POIs for its resource nodes. 

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This means Hunters will need to be prepared to trek around their neighborhood and surrounding environment to farm various materials. In fact, this aspect of the game is incredibly important when it comes to building the best Monster Hunter Now weapons and armor sets

However, many players are now calling for Niantic to borrow a key feature from Pokemon Go to help with their progression in the game.  

Monster Hunter Now players want key Pokemon Go feature added 

The Monster Hunter Now community has been discussing the rural vs. suburban gameplay experience, with many noting how limited resources and monster spawns can be in smaller towns and villages. 

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“Why didn’t [Niantic] just copy-paste the nodes from Pokemon Go? The park by my house has like 40 Pokestops, in Monster Hunter it’s down to like 8, so lame,” said one player. “Sh*t, my area has like 30 Pokestops and several gyms, and my entire town only has ONE large gathering node,” responded another frustrated player

Monster Hunter World mapNiantic/Capcom
Monster Hunter World nodes can be rather limited for rural players.

While Monster Hunter Now players in suburban areas may have an advantage when it comes to spawns, some commenters were keen to explain the potential reasons why Monster Hunter Now has significantly fewer POIs when compared to Pokemon Go. 

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“Some folks have pointed out that the MH Now map is the same map used for PoGo, it’s just an older version of it,” responded one player. “So, the most likely scenario is that they built the game using an older version of the map, and will eventually update it to match PoGo.”

Hopefully, Niantic will add more gathering points to Monster Hunter Now in a future update, but until then, rural Hunters may have to trek a little further for their gathering points.

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