Minecraft modders recreate the entire Fallout: New Vegas map in-game

Eleni Thomas
Minecraft Fallout New Vegas header

Modders have recreated the iconic setting of Fallout: New Vegas in Minecraft, with players now able to jump onto a server and play through the recreation and the new gameplay it offers up.

Minecraft is one of the most popular and beloved games of all time. In large part due to the complete free range, it offers players in regards to creativity, multiplayer fun and more. Like most popular games however, modders have taken what can be done in the game to the next level.

All over social media, Minecraft modders post videos of their creations, with other locations from the video game industry and movie world often replicated in the Minecraft style.

Now, one Minecraft modder has been able to recreate the whole map from Fallout: New Vegas, with mod and texture packs included. The Fallout franchise, created by Bethesda, is an open-world experience. 

While each game typically changes the location, the main theme is that players are thrown into a dystopian world in which the United States has been destroyed by nuclear weapons. With New Vegas being set in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

Minecraft modders create new Fallout: New Vegas server in complete detail

While all the games in the Fallout franchise are critically and commercially claimed, New Vegas seems to hold a special place in gamer’s hearts and is often regarded as the best in the franchise.

The new Minecraft recreation of the New Vegas map is a whole server that players can join and explore. It is about as accurate as a recreation can get, with many of the rooms and items found throughout placed in the exact same spot as in the real game.

And even went as far as to create a mod and texture pack to recreate as much of the Fallout experience in Minecraft as possible.

A trailer for the map can be viewed online, with the modders even having a Discord group that can join for those wanting to get in on all the Minecraft and Fallout fun.

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