MTG designer Gavin Verhey asks Twitter which mechanic they want to return

Jack Bye
MTG Gavin Verhey Designer and Dominaria background

MTG may see the return of some fan-favorite mechanics later in the year, and one of its designers has just stoked the fires of anticipation.

MTG has amassed dozens and dozens of abilities and mechanics over the course of its 30-year history. From evergreen stalwarts like Deathtouch and Trample to more obscure and discarded abilities like Banding and Storm, Magic balances complexity and accessibility through carefully juggling and selecting which keyword mechanics belong in each set.

Most MTG players will have a favorite keyword ability, and MTG Principal Designer Gavin Verhey has taken to Twitter to see which abilities players would most like to see return to the game.

Which MTG abilities will reappear in 2024?

MTG Wither card Shadowmoor for Gavin Verhey poll

Verhey took to Twitter on January 2nd to ask the Magic community:

“You get to pick one Magic keyword mechanic to return in 2024. What is it?”

Responses were immediate, ranging from offbeat choices like Emerge, Mutate and Meld to sure-to-be-controversial picks like Eminence.

Over on Reddit, commenter thebaron420 won approval by suggesting:

“Wither deserves a return.”

Judging by other commenter’s immediate approval of the idea, Lorwyn and Shadowmoor remain as popular as ever. Hopefully, the plane’s confirmed return at last in 2025 will sate fans’ appetite for more stories and mechanics.

MTG Designers engaging with fans

There’s a precedent for MTG’s designers engaging with the community on design decisions like this. Lead Designer Mark Rosewater famously runs a blog that is updated daily, taking community questions, explaining the design process, and gauging fan interest in specific sets, mechanics, and other returning concepts.

MTG is a game that thrives through its community. Despite Hasbro’s increasingly audience-alienating business decisions in 2023, it’s heartening to still see the creative side of Magic’s development engaged with its audience and taking their ideas and feedback onboard. Perhaps some of the Twitter users who answered Verhey’s question may see their wish granted later in 2024 and beyond.