MTG Commander creator Sheldon Menery gets memorial card design

Jack Bye
Sheldon Menery MTG Pioneer

The founder of EDH has been immortalized as a new card in the game he loved.

MTG wouldn’t be the game it is today without Sheldon Menery, a colossally important figure in the world of Magic who recently passed away. Menery is perhaps best known for championing the Commander format, which he was directly involved in the creation of.

Commander’s star has risen and risen over the years, to the point that it is now MTG’s most popular casual format. Such a profound impact on the game cannot be overstated, and now Wizards is honoring Menery by creating a card based on his legacy and likeness.

Sheldon Menery’s history with MTG

MTG Silverquill mage casts inkshield

Alongside his investment in the game as a fan, Menery was a longtime contributor to MTG’s rules enforcement, serving as a respected judge and shaping Magic’s early years for the better. He eventually went on to lead the Commander Rules Committee, helping preside over his cherished format.

After years of orbiting the MTG ecosystem, Menery finally worked on MTG in an official design capacity as part of the Strixhaven Commander team. Among his contributions to Strixhaven, Menery was involved in the design of the iconic Silverquill spell Inkshield. The spell quickly became a favorite of Menery’s, to the extent that the art of his new card depicts him casting the spell.

Sheldon Menery’s impact on MTG Commander’s future.

While Wizards has yet to make an official announcement of Sheldon Menery’s card, the first images of the design were shown at Magic Con Las Vegas, as seen on X/Twitter.

While only its art has been revealed so far, Menery’s card will likely be a Legendary Creature, allowing Commander’s creator to be played as a Commander. If not, another strong possibility is that the art will be used for a new version of Inkshield.

The genuinely impressive speed of the turnaround of this design following his dearth speaks to how beloved a figure Menery was and the impact he had on Magic as a game and a community. He may be gone, but the format he pioneered will continue to bring joy to MTG players for years to come.