Lost Ark bots still ruining raids despite Amazon Games clampdown

Lauren Bergin
lost ark demonic woman looks into camera

While Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have plowed countless hours into devising fixes for Lost Ark’s bot problem, it seems like some are still slipping through the cracks following the recent clampdown. 

If there’s one thing that gamers from every walk of life absolutely hate, it’s cheaters and bot accounts. While no publisher has managed to completely stomp out these issues in-game, Lost Ark‘s development team has been working hard in an attempt to curb the scourge of in-game rule breakers.

As part of the March 24 update, Amazon Games and Smilegate directly addressed ongoing bot issues, confirming that they were clamping down on illegal activities. With new checks ensuring that player accounts have to have Steam ‘Trusted’ status, many hoped that this would bring about an end to the game’s problems.

Unfortunately, some demons have managed to slip through the cracks, as one player has attempted to participate in a raid and found that most of their fellow warriors were, indeed, fake accounts.

lost ark characters scorceress soulfist berserker artillerist face demon
Despite recent crackdowns, it seems like some players are still struggling with bots.

Writing that they “decided to try 302 Chaos Gate,” the player laments “more than half of the team are bots.”

Chaos Gates are daily dungeons that allow players to farm up resources. While Smilegate have focused their efforts on spam accounts that are trying to lure fans into buying fake gold with real-life money, it seems like running these dungeons and selling on the rewards have become the new way to exploit innocent players.

Standing amid a group of players whose names are simply collections of random letters (all of whom are all sporting the base rabbit pet), this unfortunate encounter proves that there’s still a long way to go before Arkesia’s true demons are finally put to bed.

“I think people don’t realize that bots ARE generating raw gold,” responds one player. “I’ve seen bots doing Tooki Corp Una’s dailies… That’s a huge amount of raw gold. We need another ban wave like yesterday.”

“Oh, THAT’s how they’re making gold nowadays,” writes another, while a final comment reads “BAN THEM ALL. AWAY WITH THEM. THEY SHALL NOT PASS.”

As bots continue to cause havoc on the shores of Arkesia, it looks like there’s still a lot of work to do in order to solve this issue. Until then, watch out for rampant rabbits and a lot of randomly generated names; and try your best to avoid them!