G2 Esports lose fastest game in LoL Worlds history as DWG make finals

Michal Konkol for Riot Games

G2 Esports is out of Worlds 2020 after a crushing 3-1 semifinal loss to LCK 1st seed DAMWON Gaming.  G2 was destroyed in the final game, as DAMWON won in a record-breaking 19 minutes and 3 seconds – the fastest ever at Worlds.

DAMWON also outclassed G2 in game one, only for the LEC first seed to take game two after a huge Twisted Fate performance from Caps. Game three was slightly more competitive, but DAMWON eventually won thanks to some incredible ADC play from Ghost.

But the final game was an absolute stomp. ShowMaker’s Twisted Fate solokilled Caps early on as Canyon picked up three Kindred stacks inside seven minutes.

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DAMWON then picked up a rift herald before marching down mid lane to inflict an embarrassing game four defeat on G2 and crush the LEC’s last hope of winning a second-ever Worlds championship.

DAMWON will face the winners of Suning vs Top Esports on October 31 for the chance to lift Korea’s first Summoners Cup in two years.

While G2 will take a lot of flak for their performance, it’s worth giving plenty of credit to DAMWON. Prior to this game, G2 hadn’t been punished much for their lack of objective control, with their prioritization of winning skirmishes over taking dragons a key condition of their previous success.

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DAMWON punished this by matching G2 in skirmishes while taking every dragon available in each of their victories.

The bot difference was also clear. Ghost’s marksman play was exquisite, as highlighted by an insane Ashe arrow to catch out Wunder in game three.

G2’s loss means the LEC will be denied a third consecutive Worlds finals representative.

Post-series reactions to G2 Esports vs DAMWON

DAMWON “outmemed” G2 with their version of the “Caps throw”, which G2 had introduced after their quarterfinal win over Gen.G:

G2 coach Grabbz said: “A lot I could say here, but in the end, they were the way better team and that is it. I only feel regret that we played worse than we could have, it would probably not have been enough anyways but at least we could have given you a banger series instead of this.”

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G2 owner Ocelote pleaded fans not to be salty and to keep their chin up.

Result aside, LoL continues to dominate the esports scene. This series amassed 2.7M peak viewers – the highest of the tournament so far.