Zelda modders bring chaos to Hyrule with 32-player Breath of the Wild experience

Eleni Thomas
Breath of the Wild multiplayer

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild modders have finally added multiplayer to the game, with players now able to enjoy the beauty of Hyrule with up to 32 players in the one experience.

Breath of the Wild is a beloved single-player game, so much so that it won multiple Game of the Year awards and was a juggernaut title for the Nintendo Switch when it was first released. 

However, since it launched, some fans have been craving a multiplayer experience, with the chance to play through the vast world of Hyrule with others something that modders have been working hard to make a reality.

After years of doing so, it has finally been done, with a brand new Youtube video circulating online of those who have created the new mod. Back in November 2021, YouTuber PointCrow issued a challenge to Zelda players, offering up $10,000 to anyone who could be able to bring BOTW multiplayer to life. Now, it’s come true.

TLOZ Breath of the Wild multiplayer created by modders

The mod, which is currently available via Discord, allows up to 32 players to traverse through Hyrule together. One of the lead creators of the mod, AlexMangue, explained how the mod was created.

“He didn’t just put the 10K bounty. He has been supporting us monetarily throughout the project in addition to the 10K bounty,” AlexMangue began. “Also, he was in some way the director of the project in the way of him doing the creative side of it, like bringing us ideas on what to work on next.”

“Some of Breath of the Wild’s code is naturally easier to parse from system memory than other bits. Enemy health is a simple value, for example, while AI is naturally much more complicated. The modders have a Trello project with more planned features, though AlexMangue says there are some priorities after this 1.0 release, including making it possible to sync progress on main quests.”

With the sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, set to release later this year, time will tell if these modders will once again join forces to add multiplayer to the new Zelda installment.

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