Ultimate Wild Rift Kassadin guide: Best build, runes, tips & tricks

Wild Rift Kassadin build

Kassadin, the Void Walker, brings terror to Wild Rift for all ADCs and squishies, with the mid laner bringing a new level of hyper-scaling. If you want to master him, we’ve got the ultimate Wild Rift Kassadin guide here with his best runes, builds, and tips and tricks.

Wild Rift’s meta continues to evolve with the addition of Kassadin. The new teamfight based meta in Wild Rift patch 3.3a is rather ideal of the mid lane champion, who will be relatively powerful on his initial debut.

However, as the meta evolves, this might change. What won’t is the Void Walker’s power as a scaling carry who basically has an insta-win condition once he maxes out his levels.

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Kassadin’s new play style may throw players off — especially for those unfamiliar with League of Legends. However for those who can master him in Wild Rift, they’ll reap the rewards. Here’s what you need to know about the best Kassadin build, including top runes and some tips and tricks.

Kassadin in League of LegendsRiot Games
Want a guaranteed win if the game goes too long? Kassadin is your pick in Wild Rift.


Who is Kassadin?

Kassadin began his tale as an outcast — walking the harsh sands of the Great Sai to draw off predators for merchants. But the more he performed this task, the better he got at doing so, eventually being seen as a guide rather than simply bait. His adventures led him to meet the love of his life in a desert tribe.

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Kassadin and his wife started a family, a short lived happiness cut short by the void. Kassadin lost his child and wife, killed by the darkness known as the void. After mourning, Kassadin shred his humanity, committing his life towards revenge and seeking out any source of power he could find to do so.

Though many assume he had gone insane, Kassadin remains true to his objective: fighting against the evil, a task few have the power to do.

Kassadin abilities & gameplay

Kassadin is an incredibly rewarding champion to master — but a tough one to initially pick up. His main playstyle revolves around his ultimate ability, Riftwalk, which deals strong damage while essentially providing a flash. The move has a low cooldown, but becomes increasing mana hungry the more you use it in a small time frame.

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Understanding his max damage output serves imperative to capitalizing on the Kassadin pick. Don’t overestimate his damage, while dipping in and out of team fights as safely as possible.

At level 1, you should take his first ability in Null Sphere for easy farming. Then level up Force Pulse, followed up by Nether Blade, before prioritizing those two to max out first (Force Pulse then Nether Blade). Of course, level up Kassadin’s ultimate, Riftwalk, whenever possible.

You can find the full list of Kassadin’s abilities below:

  • Void Stone (Passive): Gains a shield that absorbs magic damage for 1.5s when casting a spell near a visible enemy champion.
  • Null Sphere (First Ability): Fires an orb that deals magic damage and silences the first enemy hit.
  • Nether Blade (Second Ability): Enhances his next attack to gain extra range, deal additional maigc damage and restores 5% of missing mana (15% vs champions)
  • Force Pulse (Third Ability): Deals magic damage to enemies and slows them. Force Pulse is enhanced after 6 spells are cast nearby, dealing 60% increased damage and slowing for 90% instead.
  • Riftwalk (Ultimate Ability): Blinks to a target location and deals magic damage to nearby enemies. The next Riftwalk cast within 12s deals 50% increased damage and costs 200% mana (stacks 3 times).

Best build for Kassadin in Wild Rift

With Kassadin scaling well into the late game in Wild Rift, you want to focus on scaling items that make him stronger later on. As for the item orders, feel free to adjust as deemed fit — but make sure to always rush Rod of Ages.

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Rod of Ages is a staple on Kassadin. Melee mages typically need some semblance of health, since they position in far more dangerous spots to deal their essential damage. And Rod of Ages is the best item to do so — granting incredible stats for its item cost.

Wild Rift Kassadin buildRod of Ages is a must have for Kassadin

As for the boot upgrade, Stasis Enchant upgraded from Lucidity Boots grants Kassadin a moment to breathe, allowing him to wait on his Riftwalk cooldown. Take Stasis over Protobelt Enchant. Buying time with invulnerability serves far more useful than an extra dash for Kassadin, especially considering his ultimate cooldown is very short anyhow.

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Seraph’s Embrace attempts to address Kassadin’s mana hunger — an issue stemming from his ultimate’s heavy mana cost. For those who can effectively manage Kassadin’s mana without the need of a tear item, simply skip this item and go right into Rabadon’s Death Cap and right into Lich Bane thereafter. In essence, take either Seraph’s Embrace or Lich Bane, not both.

Lichbane combos with Kassadin’s second ability, increasing the damage output with the enhanced spell blade passive. Other items, such as Morello and Crystalline Refelctor may serve Kassadin well for the final item options depending on match ups — but definitely prioritize Rod of Ages alongside Stasis Enchant.

Top Kassadin items in Wild Rift

  • Rod of Ages
  • Stasis Enchant (on Ionian Boots of Lucidity)
  • Seraph’s Embrace
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Lichbane (if mana isn’t an issuie, build this instead of Seraph’s Embrace)
  • Void Staff
  • Morellonomicon (bleed damage against heal compositions)
  • Crystalline Reflector (against heavy AD compositions)

Best runes for Kassadin in Wild Rift

In League PC, Kassadin players love Phase Rush. But in Wild Rift, the rune is too lackluster, thereby making Electrocute the best keystone for the mid lane carry. Electrocute combos well with Kassadin’s overall burst damage play style — while Phase rush simply doesn’t provide enough of a boost to be of any use.

As for the Domination Tree, take Triumph, with the alternative being Gathering Storm. For the current meta, Triumph dominates — the HP upon takedown allows snowballing during team fights. Gathering Storm is only on here because it helps with scaling, a variable Kassadin relies heavily on anyhow.

Take Nullifying Orb for the Resolve Rune. The shielding at low health is straight up broken, and until developers nerf it, it’s likely to be the staple for a majority of champions.

There are three different options for the Inspiration Rune: Manaflow Band, Sweet Tooth, and Hunter-Genius. Manaflow Band helps address Kassadin’s mana issues, thereby is the recommended rune.

Wild Rift Kassadin buildRiot Games
Take Electrocute as your keystone if you play Kassadin.

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