New Wild Rift champion Kassadin revealed: Abilities, release date

Wild Rift KassadinRiot Games

Kassadin has been revealed as the first new champions coming as part of the Wild Rift patch 3.3a cycle. The Void Walker is a hyper-scaling mid lane mage with a notorious reputation from League PC — here’s what we know about his abilities and release date in the mobile version.

Initially teased in the Wild Rift patch 3.3 preview, mid lane beast Kassadin is the first of many new champions soon to hit League’s mobile game.

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With Samira and Sion also in the pipeline, players will be given some time to get used to the Void champion known for phasing across the Rift at a rapid rate, hyper-scaling into the late game without contest.

Here’s what you need to know about Kassadin in Wild Rift, including his lore, an overview of his abilities, and when exactly he will drop in patch 3.3a.

Who is Kassadin in Wild Rift?

Kassadin began his tale as an outcast — walking the harsh sands of the Great Sai to draw off predators for merchants. But the more he performed this task, the better he got at doing so, eventually being seen as a guide rather than simply bait. His adventures led him to meet the love of his life in a desert tribe.

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Kassadin and his wife started a family, a short lived happiness cut short by the void. Kassadin lost his child and wife, killed by the darkness known as the void. After mourning, Kassadin shred his humanity, committing his life towards revenge and seeking out any source of power he could find to do so.

Though many assume he had gone insane, Kassadin remains true to his objective: fighting against the evil, a task few have the power to do.

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Wild Rift Kassadin abilities

For those familiar with him in League of Legends, Kassadin’s playstyle and abilities shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. These are descriptions taken from his League of Legends, and will likely remain the same for his Wild Rift iteration.

If differences are revealed in when he officially releases, the article will be updated.

  • Void Stone (Passive): Kassadin ignores unit collision and reduces magic damage.
  • Null Sphere (First Ability): Throws out an orb, dealing damage and interrupting channels. Also grants a temporary shield absorbing magic damage.
  • Nether Blade (Second Ability)
    • Passive: Basic attacks deal bonus magic damage
    • Active: Next basic attack deals significant bonus magic damage and restores mana
  • Force Pulse (Third Ability): Casts a cone in front of him, dealing damage in an area of effect and slows enemies.
  • Riftwalk (Ultimate Ability): Teleports to a nearby location and deals damage to nearby enemies. Multiple Riftwalks cost additional mana but deal additional damage.
Kassadin in League of LegendsRiot Games
Wild Rift patch 3.3 continues filling out the champion backlog in the mobile MOBA with Kassadin first off the list.

Wild Rift Kassadin Release Date and Time

The Wild Rift new champion releases very soon, on July 29 at 00:01 UTC. This date was officially revealed by Wild Rift on their instagram account. Every champion release is typically accompanied by a champion event — where players can unlock the champion for free by completing missions.

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For those of you wanting to play Kassadin immediately, he’ll cost 5500 Blue Motes or 725 Wild Cores, just like every other champion in Wild Rift.

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