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When is the next League of Legends Clash tournament? Format, date, more

by Andrew Amos


Clash is here to stay in League of Legends, with the in-game tournament system a massive hit with players. Want to get in on the action yourself? We’ve got everything you need to know about signing up for the next bracket.

After years of testing and tinkering, Clash has finally arrived for good in League of Legends. The in-game tournament system pits players of equal skill together, and provides a more competitive environment than your standard ranked queue.

If you want to play Clash, but don’t know when the next bracket is, or how to sign-up, we’ve got everything you need to know so you can jump right into the action.

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Get your mates together and get ready for the next Clash tournament soon.


What is Clash?

Clash is an in-game tournament system for League, acting as a replacement for the old Ranked Fives queue. It allows for teams to organize themselves to participate in monthly tournaments against teams of a similar skill level.

There are eight teams in every Clash bracket, thrown together in a single-elimination style bracket. If you lose the first game though, you’ll have a chance at redemption in the consolation bracket, so it’s not all bad news.

You’ll be seeded against teams with a similar rank in your tier. There are four tiers in Clash ⁠— going from Tier IV as the lowest to Tier I at the top ⁠— based on your team’s average ranking and previous Clash performances.



How to sign-up for Clash in League of Legends

Before you can jump into the action, you need to make sure your League account is eligible. If you have hit level 30, have verified your League account by SMS, and currently have a rank in either Solo or Flex queue, you can play Clash.

From there, you just need to find four other friends, and add them to your team in the Clash bracket of the client. You will all need to pay an entry fee with tickets.

When the dues have been paid, you’ll have to wait for your bracket to unlock on the day before you can start playing. You’ll need to sign-up for every tournament individually, so if you want to play multiple times a weekend, be sure to sign-up twice.

You'll have the chance to name your team and design a logo for Clash.


When is the next Clash tournament in League of Legends?

Clash is back to its regularly scheduled programming after a month off. The Ionia Cup is here, and players will have four chances to win it all.

Over two weekends, players will be able to contest for the Ionia Cup. The action will kick off on July 11 at 7pm local time (depending on server location).

  • Day 1: August 8
  • Day 2: August 9
  • Day 3: September 5
  • Day 4: September 6

The next cup will be announced after the end of the Ionia Cup.

Ionia Cup Clash timings in League of Legends
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The Ionia Cup will run over two weekends in August and September.


What rewards are on offer for Clash?

Winning in Clash gives you Victory Points, which go towards unlocking a banner on your League profile.

On top of that, your banner will also display in your chosen lane on the Rift every time you load in. The more times you win, the better your banner will look.

If you claim a bracket all for yourself, you’ll also take home a trophy. These trophies will display on your profile, as well as on the Rift for two weeks.

The more games you win, the more decked out your banner becomes.

Regardless of result though, all players will receive a Clash Orb or Capsule, depending on whether they signed up with a regular ticket or a premium one.

More rewards are loaded into these depending on your result, with the premium capsule containing more goodies than the regular orb.

Skin shards, Clash logos, emotes, and more are jam-packed into each orb and capsule, however, so even if you bow out early, you’ll still get something.