What is Soul Fighter? Everything featured in massive new League of Legends event

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Soul Fighter League of Legends

Soul Fighter is one of Riot Gameslargest events to date. It includes skins, game modes and features across several different games.

Soul Fighter will bring new content to League of Legends, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. Whichever way you enjoy the word of Runeterra, there will be a way for you to experience Soul Fighter’s content. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Soul Fighter?

Soul Fighter is themed around fighting games, with Riot describing it as a “tribute to the fighting game genre, taking inspiration from the deep emotional resonance and unique character moments from fighting games and anime tournament arcs”.

Building on that, a huge number of the League of Legends roster are getting new skins that make them look like fighting game characters, and the event is themed around a “Tournament of Souls”, where champions duke it out in a highly-stylized arena.

When does Soul Fighter Release?

Soul Fighter goes live on July 20, with the new Arena mode and skins available on the same day. Read more about these features below.

What are the new game modes?

In line with the theme of a fighting game, Soul Fighter is going to bring a new game mode to League of Legends: Arena, the widely anticipated 2v2v2v2 game mode. In Arena games, four teams of two players each fight one another in rotating combat rounds.

After each round of combat, they will power up with unique Augments until only one team is left standing. Combat takes place on four different battlefields which vary in size, terrain density, and theme.

The new Darkin champion, Naafiri, will also be launching with the event.

For those of you playing League of Legends on PC, the client will also have a new game: the Tournament of Souls.

Players will take on the role of Samira and gain Reputation by playing games of League, which in turn allows them to face new opponents and unlock new abilities for Samira to progress further in the tournament.

The objective of the tournament is to defeat all ten opponent champions and become its new champion. Players can claim rewards after each victory and can unlock the Story and Expert difficulty levels, each with differing levels of challenge for players of all levels of skill and time commitment.

Which champions get Soul Fighter Skins?

In League of Legends, the champions getting Soul Fighter skins are: Samira, Viego, Naafiri, Shaco, Pyke, Sett, Lux, Jhin, Gwen, and Evelynn. Pyke and Shaco are also getting prestige versions.

In Legends of Runeterra, the champions getting Soul Fighter skins are: Nidalee, Viego, Sett, Samira, Jhin, Gwen, Pyke, and Evelynn.

Samira’s skin in particular stands out as the latest Ultimate skin to join the game, making it the highest level of quality.

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