What is Omni Vamp in League of Legends? Stats, items, more

Vladimir goes for the kill in League of Legends.Riot Games

League of Legends is getting a new defensive stat, “Omni Vamp,” as part of the Season 11 preseason update ⁠— here’s everything we know about the vampiric healing ability so far, including what items have it, how it works, and more.

The new LoL season is set to turn the long-standing game on its head on Nov. 11 with the arrival of the huge Season 11 item overhaul. The shop rework is bringing with it a raft of new “mythic” and upgraded items, and two new stats.

The first, Ability Haste, is quite simple; it’s an overhauled cooldown reduction stat, with the kicker that it’s uncapped. The second new League of Legends stat, “Omni Vamp,” is a little bit more complicated. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Controversial LoL stat "spell vamp" is getting a makeover in Season 11.Riot Games
Controversial LoL stat “spell vamp” is getting a makeover in Season 11.

How does Omni Vamp work?

Omni Vamp is a defensive stat that heals champions through damage. When a character with the stat is hit by any physical, magic, or true damage, a percentage of that health damage will instead be turned into healed health, which stacks.

The heal is calculated post-resistances. That means it will heal after the incoming damage has been sliced down by magic resistance, armor, or any kind of damage reduction found in a specific champion’s ability pool.

The effectiveness of the defensive stat is reduced by 33 percent by area of effect (AOE) spells and pet abilities. The stat has 46.5 gold value per percentage point.

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Physical Vamp

There is also a stat sub-type, called “Physical Vamp.” At the moment this effect is only found on Sanguine Blade, as well as the Elixir of Wrath consumable, but it may be added to more League items and abilities moving forward.

Physical Vamp converts a percentage of all physical damage into health, but does not work for magic or true damage. It also is reduced by 33% for AOE and pet spells.

The new defensive stat will have a sub-stat too, Physical Vamp.Riot Games
The new defensive LoL stat will have a sub-stat too, ‘Physical Vamp.’

How is it different to ‘Spell Vamp’?

There’s a few key differences between the new defensive stat, and the legacy “Spell Vamp,” which can be found on a few items and champions.

Spell Vamp existed in the early stages of League of Legends, before being “killed” from the game in mid-2016. Riot binned the stat in Season 6 due to being “unable to get this statistic to be purchased by anyone but Vladimir” in its lifespan.

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The stat originally appeared on Maw of Malmortius and Spirit Visage, and on Lee Sin, Olaf, and Trundle. These items and champions were reworked slightly after its removal.

“Spell Vamp” as a term hasn’t appeared in League of Legends since, but Riot Games has used the stat, unnamed, in several items and champion reworks. This move to “Omni Vamp” appears to be the return of the stat in League patch 10.23.

Riot Games
Spell Vamp used to appear in Trundle (pictured), Lee Sin, and Olaf’s ability kits.

What items give Omni Vamp in League of Legends?

Heading into League of Legends season 11, Riot Games has confirmed all the preseason items that we’ll see right off the bat. That means we already know which new “mythic” and base items will boast Omni Vamp when it’s introduced.

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Here’s a list of all items that currently give Omni Vamp in League of Legends:

  • Leeching Leer: 10% Omni Vamp, 1300 gold cost.
  • Eclipse: 10% Omni Vamp, 3200 gold cost.
  • Riftmaker: 15% Omni Vamp, 3200 gold cost.
  • Icathia’s Curse : 18% Omni Vamp, Ornn upgrade.
  • Ravenous Hydra: 15% Omni Vamp, 3300 gold cost.
  • Syzygy: 12% Omni Vamp, 3200 gold cost.
  • Sanguine Blade: 12% Physical Vamp, 3000 gold cost.

Omni Vamp has been added to the preseason 11 as part of the League item rework. Riot also added Ability Haste, and are considering changes for Grievous Wounds and Tenacity. Read the full League patch 10.23 notes here.