Tyler1 loses it with “garbage” LoL after bug forces him to pick wrong champion

Alex Garton
Tyler1 League of Legends

After a League of Legends bug forced Tyler1 to lock in Nautilus instead of Heimerdinger, the streamer completely lost it and slammed the game for being “garbage”.

In League of Legends, the draft is one of the most important aspects of the game as it’s where players choose their champion.

It’s especially important in Ranked, where counter-picking an enemy can be the difference between you taking home the win, or losing a chunk of LP.

Well, after queueing up and deciding which champion to play, streamer Tyler1 was hit with an incredibly frustrating bug that forced him to lock in the wrong character.

As you would expect, this left Tyler extremely angry and caused him to slam the game as a “piece of s**t”.

Nautilus League of Legends
Tyler1 has over 5.2m followers on Twitch.

LoL bug forces Tyler1 to play wrong champion in Ranked

After queueing up for a Ranked game in the support role, Tyler1 decided he wanted to play Heimerdinger and locked in the champion.

However, after arriving in-game, he realized that he’d actually locked in Nautilus by mistake. Convinced he’d definitely chosen Heimer, Tyler decided to check his own VOD.

That’s when he realized that the client had bugged and it had forced him to lock in the wrong champion. Realizing it was the game’s fault, Tyler completely lost it, slamming the game as “garbage” and a “piece of s**t.”

“Dude! It’s such a piece of s**t, the entire game is garbage, the balance is terrible… it’s now forcing me to pick characters that I don’t want to select.”

It’s hard to know what caused this bug to occur, but there’s no denying it had a massive impact on his Ranked game.

Being forced to play the wrong champion puts you at a massive disadvantage, especially when you’re playing with top-tier players like Tyler.

Hopefully, Riot can get this fixed in the near future as the community has been complaining about problems with the client for a long period of time.