Tore confident in how he’s ‘shepherding’ Excel through tight LEC

Alan Bernal
[jwplayer UcgfDvB2-lIPA7FXW]

Excel Esports are slowly salvaging their Summer 2020 split as ‘Tore’ Hoel Eilertsen’s in-game leading has kept his team competitive in a tight LEC table.

The organization is picking up the pace after opening the split with four losses. But that’s pushed Excel to find their footing, resulting in a 4-1 record in their last five games.

Tore spoke to Dexerto about the team’s latest turnaround and how the Support player is helping guide the team in one of the most competitive LEC environments Europe has ever produced.

“It’s kind of my role to lead the team,” Tore said. “I’m kind of the leader in-game, or shepherd, herding my sheep and telling my teammates what to do.”

Excel and Tore have taken the first steps of turning around their LEC Summer 2020 campaign.

He touched on the importance of accountability when something goes wrong and owning up to losses for improving the team instead of simply brushing them aside.

“It’s really important to own up to your mistakes,” Tore said. “If I screw up or make a bad call and a game is lost because of it, it’s really important for me to let my team know that a loss was my mistake and that it won’t happen again.”

Excel (4-5) has won three games against teams under .500, but their fourth win came against a G2 side who was playing without Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković.

The team will still be happy with the win since they’re now tied for sixth place alongside Vitality and Origen. This is a great foundation to build on for Tore who’ll look to continue Excel’s momentum against Rogue (7-2) on Friday, July 17 at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6 PM BST.