Thorin’s Search for the Western LoL GOAT Part 3: The Rankings

LOL's Western GOAT

In part three of Thorin’s search for the best western League of Legends player of all time, he compiles his final rankings for all 16 candidates and shows us who is the GOAT of LoL in the west.

Coming out at the top of the list and being crowned as the best is Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković. The Croatian midlaner/AD carry, known for his ‘Lane Kingdom,’ has been dominant in whatever lane he takes his talents to.

Closely behind Perkz, is his teammate and the enigma that is Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther. The Danish prodigy has the highest highs of any western player but the only thing holding him back is when ‘Craps’ shows up instead ‘Claps’.

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Coming in with a bronze medal is the Danish icon Henrik ‘Froggen’ Hansen. During Season 2, Froggen was the greatest player in the world and dominated his lane in any competition he played in. The highlight of this is when he went to Korea for OGN Champions Summer 2012 and dominated even the best they had to offer, though his team finished second.

This video wraps up Thorin’s three-part search for the greatest western League of Legends pro player with G2 esports’ star talents topping the rankings.