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TFT Patch 10.19 to feature Fates set: new champions, traits, more

Published: 7/Sep/2020 8:19

by Andrew Amos


TFT Patch 10.19 is arguably the biggest Teamfight Tactics update for the year. The latest set, Fates, is launching on live servers in the September 16 patch, with 58 new champions, a host of new traits, and an all-new gameplay experience.

Out with the old, in with the new. After six months of playing on various different galaxies in the Convergence, TFT players are now back in one place ⁠— on solid, Ionian, ground.

TFT Patch 10.19 marks the launch of the fourth set in Riot’s LoL-themed autobattler. Named TFT Fates, the battleground is a mix of “gods and mortals alike—from splendid Divines to Tormented villains, from kind Spirits to dreadful Phantasms—come from far and wide to seek their Fortunes as the dragons’ Chosen.”

Sounds fun and exciting? If you were feeling a bit washed out from Galaxies, this should be a breath of fresh air. We’ve got everything you need to know about TFT Patch 10.19 below, and the whole new set.

TFT Fates arrives, Galaxies is gone

With TFT Fates coming in the next update on September 16, players are saying goodbye to TFT Galaxies.

The third set has arguably been TFT’s most popular yet, with players really getting around the Galaxies mechanic changing the battlefield every game. Riot have taken notice of that, and are looking at potentially incorporating Galaxies into the game down the line.

TFT Fates brings a new style of gameplay centered around picking a Chosen champion and building your comp around it. The Chosen champions are powered-up picks in your shop, with double traits, extra stats, and the price tag to match.

There are 58 champions to choose from, and Riot will be keeping that number stable across the set. When new champs are added, Riot will take some away. The biggest shake-up will happen in the Mid-Set update, locked in for “early 2021”.

Spirit Blossom Lillia in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Lillia is a new five-cost Dusk Mage in TFT Fates.

New Little Legends, Arenas, battle pass coming in TFT Patch 10.19

Of course, the new set can’t just drop by itself. Riot are putting on a celebration for TFT Fates, adding a host of new Little Legends, Arenas, and an all-new battle pass you can play through across the set.

The long-rumored League champion Ao Shin finally makes it into the playable universe as a Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics. He is joined by the lovable Choncc and the guitar-wielding Umbra. The three of them make a nice little band in game too, so maybe pair them with some True Damage Little Legends for a full-on concert.

There will also be three new arenas ⁠— Festival, Kanmei, and Akana ⁠— available for purchase. The Ionian themed battlegrounds are a lot more natural than the intergalactic Galaxies’ ones.

The Pass is launching on Patch 10.19, too. There will be two tracks: the Free track, or the Pass+ available for 1295 RP. With Pass+, you’ll get access to new Booms, Little Legends eggs, and the Journey’s Destination Arena. We will have a full breakdown of what’s included in the pass once the update goes live.

TFT Patch 10.19 will be set live on September 16, so be sure to grind out Galaxies in the final week to try and get the rank you want. After then, it’ll be disappearing for good.

We will update this with a full patch notes list closer to TFT Patch 10.19’s release. For now, if you want to get in on the action, download the PBE and start playing!

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Riot Games takes LCS into “new era” with North American league rebrand

Published: 6/Jan/2021 0:14

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot Games have unveiled a league-wide rebrand for their flagship North American competition, the League of Legends Championship Series, in a bid to push the LCS into a “new era” following a number of superstar retirements.

The League of Legends rebrand includes a new purple logo, reworked on-stream overlays, and a promise from Riot Games: after the “end of an era” with nailed-on superstars like Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg and Yilliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng retiring, the LCS wants to ‘start fresh.’

That revamp comes with a new focus on the competition’s best rookies.

Team Liquid’s bot laner Edward ‘Tactical’ Ra ⁠— 2020’s Rookie of the Year ⁠— is front and center in the bright new rebrand video, as are other young stars like TSM jungler Mingyi ‘Spica’ Yu and 100 Thieves’ Victor “FBI” Huang.

The league’s newly-announced 2021 rebrand also brings in two new mottos for the flagship North American competition: “Made by Many” and “All for the Game.”

The LCS brand overhaul comes just a month after Riot pulled the trigger on a number of huge changes for the League of Legends competition as well. These included scrapping the controversial Spring split, and a new preseason “Lock In” tournament.

This is the second rebrand Riot has shipped in as many weeks; League of Legends Champions Korea (the LCK) also recently underwent a similar overhaul. The Korean revamp was also touted as a “new era” for the newly-franchised LoL competition.

Now that the LCS rebrand has been ticked off, Riot is expected to begin the hunt for a single-platform broadcast deal for the North American league. Potential suitors may include YouTube, Twitch, and Fox-backed Caffeine.

The LCS rebrand has introduced a number of new mottos, including "All for the Game.”
Riot Games
The LCS rebrand has introduced a number of new mottos, including “All for the Game.”

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The LCS returns on Friday, Jan. 15 with the preseason “Lock In” tournament.