TFT dev Mortdog fires back at Twitch viewers after they mock pro player’s performance

Liam Ho
mortdog defends k3soju

Lead developer Mortdog of the popular Auto-chess game Teamfight Tactics has slammed Twitch chat for mocking pro player k3soju after their performance resulted in them placing 39th at the recent Monster Attack: Mecha Cup.

Teamfight Tactics is a game that requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck on the player’s behalf. Tasked with taking down seven other players in your lobby, being the last man standing isn’t an easy feat. Especially when those players are some of the best within your region all fighting for a spot at the regional finals.

This can be made all the worse by the plethora of players watching from the bleachers of Twitch chat, ready to take you down if you trip up. Unfortunately, this happened to American TFT pro k3soju, who was mocked by Twitch chat after their 39th placement at the Monster Attack: Mecha Cup.

Eventually, lead developer of Teamfight Tactics Mortdog caught wind of this and vehemently defended k3soju on his stream, firing back at Twitch chat in the process.

The clip opens with Mortdog’s expressing his frustration at some of Twitch chat.

“One of the things that really bothers me is how young kids who are in Twitch chat likes to treat their esports athletes. And it’s true of normal athletes too right? Somebody has one bad tournament, better reem them. The amount of people being cruel to soju is ridiculous.”

Mortdog then references an interview with NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo, who echoed a similar sentiment. “There’s no failure in sports, there’s good days, bad days. Some days you are able to be successful and some days you are not. Some days it’s your turn and some days it’s not your turn. And that’s what sports is about, you don’t always win.” Antetokounmpo stated.

“Somebody gets second in a tournament and you call them washed up,” Mortdog continued in his rant. “People called Faker washed up cause he got second at Worlds. You guys are worse! Nothing drives me more nuts than these people who sit in their mom’s house in their bedroom, talking sh** to people who put themselves out there to compete. It’s ridiculous. Y’all are ridiculous.”

Mortdog and Soju have had disagreements when it comes to the balancing of TFT in the past, however, it’s a wholesome thing to see Mortdog defend him regardless of their earlier spats.

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