Team Liquid’s Jensen admits he might miss out on LCS in 2022

Jacob Hale
Team Liquid league of legends player Jensen

Team Liquid midlaner Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen has hinted at a possible year off from competing in League of Legends in 2022, as rumors of the roster and even mentions of retirement have started to gain traction.

Jensen has become one of the major stars of the North American LCS, despite having started his career in Europe, with long tenures on both Cloud9 and, at current, Team Liquid.

The Dane has won several LCS titles and become a regular at Worlds, even securing one of NA’s best achievements in a top-four placement at the global tournament in 2018.

Despite his accomplishments throughout the years, his situation is looking particularly bleak heading into the LCS 2022 season.

Jensen at LCS Summer 2019 finals
Jensen has won two LCS splits with Team Liquid.

It was reported on November 4 that Team Liquid were looking at signing TSM veteran Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg and Rogue’s Steven ‘Hans sama’ Liv, while shopping Jensen around to other teams.

Despite signing a contract extension in 2020 that sees him tied to Team Liquid through 2023, Jensen’s tenure on the team might not last that long, as he explained during a November 7 Twitch stream.

After a viewer asked him to confirm that retirement was not on the cards, Jensen said: “I don’t plan on retiring but there is a possibility that I won’t be playing next year. We’ll have to see what happens, I guess.”

Jensen’s viewers were clearly unhappy with the idea of him not playing in the LCS next year, with some saying that the league “won’t be the same” if he’s not competing.

That said, in the world of esports, anything can happen on any given day, so don’t give up hope on seeing Jensen competing at the top once again in 2022 — even if it’s looking bleak in the off-season.

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