T1 vs JDG match sets new MSI viewership record

Luís Mira

MSI 2023 viewership continues to rise to impressive levels, with the match between T1 and JD Gaming becoming the most-watched series in the history of the event.

The MSI 2023 upper bracket final between T1 and JD Gaming lived up to the hype in every sense as the two Asian teams played out a thrilling five-game series that kept League of Legends fans glued to their screens for over four hours.

JDG’s 3-2 victory over T1 had a peak viewership of over 2.2 million people and instantly became the most-viewed match in MSI history, according to statistics website Esports Charts. The previous record, set during the MSI 2022 final between T1 and RNG, was 2.19 million viewers.

It is worth noting that these viewership figures do not include Chinese streaming services due to how difficult it is to accurately track the audience of these platforms using open data. So it’s likely that the real peak viewership is much higher than the one Esports Charts is able to report.

MSI 2023 already boasts the second-highest peak viewership of the year in esports, only behind the M4 World Championship, a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament that had a 4.2 million viewer peak.

Depending on how the rest of the tournament goes, we could see an even higher peak during Sunday’s grand final. Still, it’s improbable that it will come closer to the stunning 5 million peak hit during last year’s World Championship.

  • T1 vs JD Gaming (MSI 2023) – 2,297,919
  • T1 vs RNG (MSI 2022) – 2,194,104
  • T1 vs Gen.G (MSI 2023) – 1,935,545
  • RNG vs DK (MSI 2021) – 1,839,876
  • T1 vs G2 (MSI 2019) – 1,704,326

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