T1 LoL responds to backlash over LS and Polt coaching leaks

Luke Edwards

Three-time LoL world champions T1 have responded to backlash after rumors of their new coaches were leaked on stream. In the leaks, LCK caster Nick ‘LS’ DeCesare and former StarCraft II pro Choi ‘Polt’ Seong Hun were named as T1’s new coaches ahead of Season 11.

Despite having Faker on the roster and being arguably the biggest team in LoL esports, it’s been a difficult ride over the past couple of years for T1 fans. The team has only qualified for one of the last three World Championships, with some fearing it could be a twilight era for the org.

Former head coach Kim Jeong-soo, who led Invictus Gaming to the 2018 Worlds title, departed at the end of the 2020 LCK summer split after a failed attempt at Worlds qualification. Speculation over his replacement has dominated discussion.

Rumors over the signings of former BBQ Olivers coach LS and Starcraft veteran Polt were sparked after T1 support player Effort accidentally leaked a sneak peek of his discord conversations on stream, which saw LS and Polt being welcomed as the “coach” and “head coach” respectively by T1.

A message from the T1 discord account supposedly reads: “Here are Polt head coach and LS coach who will be joining t1 next year”

T1 responds to the backlash

It’s fair to say that the responses to the leaks have been, at best, a mixed bag. Evil Geniuses head coach Peter Dun stated his understanding of the backlash towards dropping a proven Worlds-winning coach in Kim for a LoL coaching novice in Polt.

After LS ditched Twitter earlier this week, allegedly caused by his personal life being “dug up [and] flamed”, T1 urged its followers to be patient as it works towards building its team ahead of the new season.

However, T1 didn’t do much to hush the speculation, as the statement stopped short of saying that the leaks were false.

If the leaks are true, it’s likely LS will be responsible for leading the strategic aspect of T1’s play. Polt’s role may involve his esports experience to manage general teamwork, improving T1’s synergy and resistance to pressured situations.

Generally speaking, LS joining T1 would be a huge step forward for Western LoL. With the acquisition of Tyler1 as a streamer, and LS as coach, T1 would have two of the biggest personalities in western LoL working under their brand.

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