Riot reportedly adding another international event to LoL’s esports calendar

Luís Mira

Riot Games is looking to add a third international event to the League of Legends esports calendar in 2024, according to Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles. The proposed event would be in addition to MSI and Worlds.

On the latest episode of ‘Last Free Nation’, the former caster-turned-content-creator claimed that all regions will adopt the LEC’s three-split system in 2024 as Riot Games wants to “add another international event” to the circuit.

MonteCristo had previously said that the LCS could be following in the LEC’s footsteps, but this is the first time that it is claimed that sweeping format changes are also coming to the other regions.

Riot Games added a third split to the LEC for 2023, with each split featuring a regular season, a group stage, and the playoffs. The split winners automatically qualify for the LEC Season Finals, where they will be joined by the three teams with the most Championship Points.

The format change, which greatly increases the number of high-stake matches throughout the season, has been met with universal praise by players and fans.

It’s unclear at this point where Riot would slot this new international event into the tournament calendar. Traditionally, the Mid-Season Invitational takes place right after the Spring Split, and the World Championship after the Summer Split.

Riot Games has not yet announced any details about next year’s MSI or Worlds. But, according to a recent report from Esports News UK, it is likely that at least part of Worlds will take place in London, which hosted MSI 2023.