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League of Legends

Riot Games have revealed the next champion coming to League of Legends.

Published: 8/Jan/2019 17:37 Updated: 8/Jan/2019 17:43

by Joe O'Brien


Riot Games have revealed the latest champion joining the League of Legends roster.

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Shortly after showing off some initial teaser images, Riot have now fully revealed “Sylas, the Unchained” as the new champion, as some fans had correctly theorized.

Sylas is a mage whose ultimate ability allows him to copy the ultimate of another champion. His other abilities include “Chain Lash”, which has a slowing component, the life-stealing “Kingslayer”, and “Abscond/Abduct”, which offers a dash followed, if recast, by a hook that pulls himself to the hooked enemy.

Sylas is expected to be played primarily in the top lane, although as with all League of Legends champions, depending on balance and player creativity the positions he ultimately appears in could very much vary.


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Sylas was first revealed in a recent story that followed him as a boy, a young mageseeker conflicted about his role helping to catch out his fellow mages, who are by their very nature breaking Demacian law.

After the tale’s tragic ending Sylas set out for himself, and it seems he grew up to be an enemy of the throne. Having evidently been captured and imprisoned somewhere along the way, Sylas “the Unchained”, has now escaped, intent on carrying out his vendetta against Demacia’s rulers.

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Riot have yet to announce when Sylas can be expected on the game’s live servers. His champion reveal trailer can be seen below.