Riot Forge reveals new platformer game Convergence starring Ekko

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Riot Forge has revealed new trailers for their latest game developed by Double Stallion Games, which follows Ekko in his journey to save Zaun from destruction.

Ekko is one of League’s most iconic champions, and after his show-stealing presence in Arcane, Riot is following up on his popularity with his own spinoff game, which will also include some other familiar faces.

What is Convergence: A League of Legends Story about?

Convergence will tell the story of Ekko as he interacts with his future self, who has traveled back in time to stop some kind of horrible event in the future, which damages his home city of Zaun.

Convergence is a side-scrolling platformer that uses Ekko’s signature time-manipulating abilities to give combat and traversal an extra twist. Players will have the ability to rewind time if they make mistakes, just like Ekko’s ultimate in League of Legends.

Which champions are in Convergence?

Convergence features four champions from League of Legends, all of whom are from either Piltover or Zaun. However, you’ll only play as one of them, with the others showing up as side characters or boss fights.

Ekko will be the protagonist of the game. Like with Sylas in The Mageseeker, the story will largely focus on him as he deals with the repercussions of meeting his future self.

Jinx, another fan-favorite from Arcane, will also be in the game, which makes sense considering how important she was to Ekko. The core narratives of all the Riot Forge games are canon, so it’s unclear how the Jinx in Convergence will differ from the Jinx from Arcane, and the relationship she has with Ekko could be a lot different.

Ekko in League of Legends
Because they’re both set in Piltover and Zaun, Convergence will include several familiar faces from Arcane.

Camille hasn’t seen much love in League’s lore, and isn’t in Arcane (yet!) but she makes her outside-of-league debut in Convergence as well. Like Jinx, she’s confirmed as one of the boss fights here, and has a role to play in the story as a protector of Piltovan’s interests.

Warwick also features, although it’s unclear what role he’ll take in the story. He doesn’t have too many confirmed interactions with Ekko in already-established lore either, so we don’t know if he’ll be friend or foe. However, if you believe a certain fan theory about Warwick in Arcane, that might give you a hint as to how his part might play out…

Convergence: A League of Legends Story releases on May 23, 2023.

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