FlyQuest’s flawless LCS run has finally ended at the hands of TSM

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

After reigning over the LCS as a team that looked near-unshakeable, FlyQuest’s flawless run through the LCS has finally ended in an unexpected loss to TSM.

It’s no exaggeration to say FlyQuest have looked like the best team in the LCS. Between picking up top-tier LCK talent and some of the best players in North America, it wasn’t a surprise to see them near the top of the table.

Spica spoke to Dexerto about FlyQuest’s dominance, and he didn’t think that there were many teams in the LCS that could challenge them. TSM proceeded to take down FlyQuest the day after that interview was conducted.

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Fans and analysts alike rated TSM as a very middle of the pack roster, but they’ve proven that there may be potential in their team far beyond what LCS fans expected.

FlyQuest’s win streak finally ends after weeks of dominance

No team has gone through the LCS with a flawless record. 18-0 has never been achieved by any team within the LCS through all the years of competition in North America.

FlyQuest looked like the team that could pull it off, with Prince earning himself back to back Player of the Week awards in weeks 2 and 3. They also managed to take down the other top teams in the LCS.

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However, despite having a rough early game, TSM were able to outscale FlyQuest and ultimately take a game off of the best team in the LCS.

Solo got focused down by FlyQuest and came out of the early game 0/5/0. He ended the match 5/5/9 in what turned out to be a spectacular comeback for this player. He went from dying on cooldown to being an unkillable behemoth that really showed up in teamfights.

At the end of the day, FlyQuest are still 7-1. They’ve managed to maintain their first place standing despite the loss, and are almost guaranteed to finish as a top team in the LCS.

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However, they may have more competition than they anticipated. Teams like CLG and Golden Guardians are on the upswing, and there’s a good chance the LCS could see some big shake-ups in the standings over the coming weeks.