League of Legends players say ARAM is dying because of new changes

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After getting some massive changes ahead of Season 13, League of Legends players are voicing their displeasure with the changes to ARAM mode.

While League of Legends has a reputation for being an ultra-competitive MOBA with a thriving esports scene, casual players have managed to find their spots to enjoy the game’s vast lineup of characters.

All Random All Mid (ARAM) is one such mode, which encourages players to fight endlessly in a narrow corridor without fussing too much about last-hitting, macro, and juggling numerous objectives. Plus, it lets League players try out random champions that they otherwise might not play.

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Riot Games proposed certain quality-of-life changes to the mode at the end of Season 12, which included new hexgates and brush in the Howling Abyss map, along with changes to towers and death timers. Unfortunately, those changes have not been well-received by ARAM fans.

ARAM players say new changes have killed the game

In a Reddit thread simply titled “ARAM is dead to me,” the poster and many ARAM players voiced their concerns about all the new balance adjustments.

Two of the most prominent changes – the increased death timers and the addition of terrain with broken towers – were mentioned quite often by commentors.

The death timer changes were meant to accelerate the game and prevent ARAMs from dragging late in a back-and-forth race from each base, but players feel it’s just making games end on one fight.

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“The death timers are what do it for me… you feel like you have to end the game since the enemy is dead for 40 seconds at 15 mins,” one player said in the comments.

Many echoed this sentiment, saying that they weren’t thrilled with the fact that one fight can be game-ending so quickly.

Another issue that players raised were the changes to the towers, which now create terrain when destroyed.

“I hate the stupid towers that create terrain when they fall. The freaking map is small enough without it,” another player said.

The changes have been so polarizing that it’s actually driven ARAM players back to Summoner’s Rift. “ARAM feels like dogsh*t to play. I have been chilling playing norms, which is hit or miss on the toxicity front.”

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