Nemesis explains why he’s leaving South Korea after two years

nemesisYouTube: Nemesis

Twitch star and former League pro-player Tim ‘Nemesis’ Lipovsek explained why he’s leaving South Korea after living there for two years as a streamer for esports organization Gen.G.

Back in January 2021, Nemesis joined Gen.G as a Twitch streamer and moved out of Europe to South Korea.

Nemesis stepped away from League of Legends pro-play first the first time to make content with Gen.G, streamer his play on LEague’s notoriously difficult ranked ladder in South Korea, and make content with friend LS.

Now, nearly two years later, Nemesis has revealed that he’s finally heading back home.

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Nemesis’ decision to leave South Korea

Lipovsek released a video on December 23 sharing the news that he’s moving back to Europe after a two-year stay in South Korea.

In the video, the 23-year-old shows off his room, which has already been packed up, and explains why he made the decision to head back home.

“This was honestly a pretty tough decision, and not a decision I took very lightly.”

He continued, “With a lot of pluses and minuses, I decided I needed an environmental change and to go back to EU.” Although there are many reasons why he’s leaving Korea, he points to the main one being with the state of League of Legends.

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“I think the game is in a bit of a boring state for the past two years I would say. The best thing I can recall about the game is the durability patch, but that is not there anymore to some extent. Balance changes are super boring, the queue times are absurd, and the amount of griefing and trolling makes your whole day feel like a waste.”

Although he’s leaving Korea for now, Nemesis plans on returning for boot camps once Worlds 2023, which is being held in South Korea, returns.

He’s also open to returning to pro-play despite being satisfied as a full-time streamer for now.

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